In this video are some indepth tips and tricks I have accumulated and put to use on clients to help women begin weightlifting! These tips are really not just women but ANYONE looking to get into weightlifting and where to start! Weightlifting in your first few sessions can be awkward and uncomfortable since you are learning so many new forms and techniques while incorporating weight. Having a few tips and tricks to help get the ball rolling and you into the right direction will be what you need to keep you heading towards your goals! I did not want this video to be too long so if you have any other questions as a beginner, comment below and I will try and get back to you asap.

p.s Also keep in mind that these are general beginner tips and EVERYONE will have different weightlifting journeys and goals, but this is an overall good way to start and get your technique down!

p.p.s The rep ranges I suggest are to get you comfortable with using weight, building endurance, and working on form and technique – after a few weeks you should alter your rep ranges to suit your goals- whether that be building size, strength, or endurance! I also forgot to mention in the video that start with 2 – 4 sets per exercise depending on how you feel and how many exercises you plan on doing (less exercises = more sets / more exercises = less sets) Every last 2-3 reps of a set should be challenging but able to keep control.




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