Training Programmes –

My advice to those who are embarking on a new journey to better themselves and to improve their body composition. Whether it be resistance training, weight lifting, weight training, these pointers should help clear a few things up and make it clear what you need to prioritise when you step into the gym and follow the appropriate programming.

To summarise:

– Follow an appreciate programme
– Learn how to engage the muscles and place tension on the working muscles
– Hire a coach or a professional if necessary
– Once you have mastered the art of moving the weight, begin to overload the muscles
– Look to increase training frequency, overall volume and follow a programme incorporating a more advanced approach
– Follow a body part training split which looks to train a muscle group 2 x per week to maximise muscle growth
– Prioritise your weaknesses and change programming when they no longer are a weakness
– Make sure everything you do outside of the gym compliments your training programme.

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