The Benefits of Weight Training

The Benefits of Weight Training
And why you should start working out.

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‘Working out is selfish!’, ‘You will hurt yourself!’ ‘Focus on doing real sports!’
These were all sentences that I heard, shortly after deciding to go to the gym.
This is really, really bad.
Because weightlifting can actually be really beneficial for your health and wellbeing.

But what are the benefits of weight training? Should you start working out?

In my opinion weightlifting, if done right, is beneficial for everyone. We all know, that exercise itself would be great for us. But there are unique factors that only weightlifting can provide in that extent:

1. Muscle Growth: Muscles improve your physical appearance. They can better your posture and make you feel more confident, similar as great-looking clothes. Muscles therefore, can better your social life.

2. Weight Loss: The activity of weight training itself burns calories. We all know that and this isn’t something unique. But what may be new for you, is that your new muscles will also burn calories long after your workout, by boosting your metabolism. This equals to extra 100 calories per 10 kilogram of muscle mass. This is a peanut butter toast everyday, sounds great. Doesn’t it?

3. Strength Gain: This is similar to point number one, muscle growth. Strength Gain can be really beneficial in your day to day life. I know people that are complaining about not being able to open a jar with food in it. This can be really inconvenient. By training in the gym you will build your strength up. This will save you time in your everyday life.

4. Body Protection: Your muscles, bones and joints are the foundation of your body. They’re important for your stability and movement. And by lifting weights you do not only train your body, but you will also train your bones and joints. This will reduce your osteoporosis risk in your old age and your risk of breaking a bone.

There are multiple benefits of weight training. Which, in my opinion, are too much to miss out. Are you ready to start training? Let me know in the comments.
Have a great day. 🙂

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